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Screen Savers

Logo Design | Branding | Interior Design

The Screen Savers project was an all-in creative pleasure. I was able to employ all of my skills, including one I’ve been itching to explore more, interior design, after transforming our office at Budget Blinds into a small showroom.

The logo consisting of the cracked iPhone screen with the red cross reveals our color palette for the whole project: red, white and black.

From store based items like business cards, gift cards, service menus, aprons, pillows, window vinyl and a door canopy to online items like the website and social media accounts to even a massive 12’ x 5’ street sign standing 30’ in the air, this project included almost everything…

…everything including interior design. It felt great to expand my horizons and design the entire look of the waiting room and small workshop.

It was a small space so I wanted to keep it light and airy with a bit of a loft/industrial feel. Adding an accent of wood to the TV wall and below the counter broke up the otherwise plain white walls. And replacing the old, small baseboards with a taller, more elegant board gives the space an upgraded feel.

Sticking with the red, black and white colors of the brand, I found some dark leather club chairs for the customers and bright red drafting chairs for the technicians as well as red and black packaging for the cases on the grid wall.

Finishing off the look we have white lacquered tables with wood legs and industrial style work benches and parts cabinet in the workshop area.

It was so great to be able to use every skill I had at my disposal to complete this project. Even though it took the better part of 4 months, the sense of accomplishment after it all came together and the satisfaction it gave the client was well worth all the hard work.