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Budget Blinds Showroom

Interior Design

Budget Blinds is the “day business” that my partner and I have owned since 2013. We initially opened our office as just that, an office. But we found over the first couple of years that customers would seek us out online and stop by our office expecting a showroom (Budget Blinds exclusively performs free in-home consultations where we bring everything to the customers’ home).

Seeing the disappointment in our customers’ faces over and over again, we decided to revamp our office into a small showroom in summer 2015.

Now, interior design is not my speciality, and I’ve only ever used those “skills” one other time with Screen Savers. But I still enjoyed the challenge and there was no where near as much pressure as there was with Screen Savers because Budget Blinds is our own business.

This is what our office originally looked like:

I downloaded a 3D modeling app onto my iPad and started playing with ideas. This is what I came up with:

I wanted a more sophisticated and lighter feel to the showroom. So swapping out the darker desks and bookcases of the office for white display cases, white shutters on the windows and gray walls was a start.

Here are some images of the renovation process:

And here’s the finished showroom:

For the accent color I chose yellow. I also swapped out the large table for a reception desk that I actually built myself. It’s a much better way to greet customers as they walk in plus I also wanted a stand-up desk for myself so, win win.

The “display cases” are actually simple $99 white bookcases from Target (actual display cases from our vendors were $1,000+ each!). They are perfectly sized for 24” sample window treatments to be installed into them. The slipper chairs and chrome pedistal table I purchased through Wayfair.

And even though we still have to book an appointment to go out to the customers’ home, customers are still grateful that we have a small showroom so they can get a visual idea as to what we have to offer and we can easily answer some initial questions before booking an appointment.