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Chris Neuman

In the mid 90’s, after failing miserably out of an Architectural program at a local college in my home state of New Hampshire, I realized that what I really wanted to do was design things like houses, not figure out the specific load weight for a corner of a house.

Thankfully the mid 90’s also saw the birth of the internet and the web. Seeing a need, and after spending a couple of months learning all I can about website design and HTML (no colleges yet were offering programs for this), I set off on my own as a freelance website designer.

Back then, businesses were willing to pay a good chunk of money just to get one of these new fangled websites that everyone was talking about. So for about 5 years I was able to freelance quite comfortably. But, like all technology, we started to see more and more higher end programming features creeping in to make websites more usable, rather than just sitting there as a digital billboard.

Needless to say, like the Architectural program a few years before, I started to lose interest quickly because I just wanted to design websites, not program them. So, in 2000, I accepted an offer from a local leather company to create and run their online store for a new line of consumer leather goods they were introducing.

For the next 13 years or so, I moved from New Hampshire to Connecticut to Massachusetts. Thankfully, each job I took had some aspect of design (mostly in the form of designing marketing materials, both print and digital, and then for social media), so I was able to keep my skills sharp and also take a few side gigs from local companies (see Nordost, Screen Savers and Canine Cancer Therapy).

After finally getting out of the corporate rat race back in late 2013 (by purchasing a franchise with my partner and growing it to over $5 million in sales with thousands of happy customers) I refocused my life back to design in 2019.

From logos and branding to websites and social media, from print to digital, I offer over 20 years of graphic design, website design, social media and advertising experience.

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